Welcome to the StolenSpace website, come in, kick off your shoes and make yourself at home. It's only taken us 7 years to get to this point so we're all feeling a little bit dazed. Thanks first to Ronzo and co. for making what was an idea become reality... all be it virtually, drinks owed. There's still a few pages with wet ink on them, but we hope to have everything dried and dialed in the next few months. The on going aim for StolenSpace is to show work from artists we really believe in and think deserve our and your time, not just names you've heard of, across the site you'll find a fine selection of artworks from the StolenSpace notorieties, even better come down to the space and see the work in the flesh. The name StolenSpace doesn't refer to the fact we're squatting and not paying rent... we tried that it doesn't work... but is more a homage to many of the artists whose work we show and their backgrounds, both past and present as graffiti & street artists. Yes we pay rent... sometimes.