NEW YEAR, NEW SPACE (10/01/2008 @ 18:44:31)

Here at StolenSpace we're in the process of finding more space, not stealing it, merely finding it... that means out with the 'not so secret bookcase door' and down with partitions and BOOM, behold the gallery is now double the size. It's kind of like looking in your wallet expecting it to be empty only to find a crumpled up 20 note hidden in the corner... If it's anything like Mysterious Al's wallet moths will fly out at the same time. So we're currently rejoicing at this extra space by painting the gallery white and generally sprucing it up, whilst wearing only Y fronts, Beth heard of the plan and fled to Australia for the month. On hind site she had the right idea.

The new and improved gallery will kick open it's doors with a bombastic year of shows, stepping up first is arch wizard and folk Lord Pete Fowler... if you don't know Pete's work then clearly you've been living in a forest eating only mushrooms and talking to the little people... in which case it's a surprise you haven't bumped into Pete before because we're sure thats where he gets his inspiration, he's truly a character genius and this show is a long overdue welcome return from the creator of Monsterism. Pete Fowlers 'bubblegum psychedelik' opens on the 7th Feb and will coincide with the release of a StolenSpace hand pulled Screen print by Mr. Fowler, printed in house by us with Pete.

For the sharp eyed out there, you'll notice we've also rolled out the new website, this now houses an online store and is infinitely easier to update, to go with the new site we have a new head - Tab - Tab is the newest, youngest and by far the most helpful and friendly member of the StolenSpace family. HELLO.

Stay tuned as we promise StolenSpace exclusive show prints, products and a line up of shows that will make you want to learn how to genetically grow an extra eye on your forehead in order to take in all the work.