In Studio- Gary Stranger & Pref

In Studio- Gary Stranger & Pref

Gary Stranger and Pref have been hard at work in their studio in the run up to their new solo show ‘GARY X PREF’ opening Thursday 6th October.

Gary X Pref is a collection of work exploring the theme of duality in the written English Language. Playing with the idea of ambiguity in words and phrases that have more than one meaning. The work is reflective of the UK artists background in graffiti and their knowledge and love of typography.


Images courtesy of Selina Miles

Gary Stranger from the MSK crew has quickly become one of the big names in the UK street art and graffiti scene. His preciseness and skill stands him aside. Focusing chiefly on typography, his type is always stunningly executed, resulting in imagery that’s almost impossible to believe it’s created free-hand. His use of bold colours and sharp edges makes his work, both in on walls and in the gallery space, sets him aside as one of the most exciting graffiti artists out there and we are eager to see what he has coming up next.


Images courtesy of Selina Miles

Pref is a British graffiti artist with a unique, multi-layered lettering style which he uses to portray popular phrases and expressions. The different words can be hard to distinguish but that’s what makes his pieces so interesting to examine. Having started out as a graffiti artist some 20 years ago, he is truly a master of his craft. His immaculate lines and crisp style make Pref’s typographical works absorbing and brilliantly constructed, you find yourself staring intently trying to decipher the layers of letters, but when you see it for what it is, it finally becomes all so clear.


Images courtesy of Selina Miles

Both artists have recently worked independently with the idea of sayings with dual purpose and so used that as a natural starting point to expand upon together for the show. Working collaboratively where possible, the pieces are designed to communicate with one another.


Images courtesy of Selina Miles

We are very excited to see what these two come up with in their new joint show.

EXHIBITION DATES: 07.10.16 – 30.10.16

OPENING RECEPTION: 06.10.16, 6-9pm

Email to register your interest in the show.

All images are courtesy of Selina Miles.