D*Face New Wall in Arkansas

D*Face New Wall in Arkansas

D*face visited Fort Smith, Arkansas and painted a massive mural. The artist was a part of The Unexpected, an annual 10-day festival of murals curated by JUSTKIDS. The art initiative brings top artists to downtown Fort Smith.

‘Warpaint’ Part 1 – Fort Smith. Arkansas – a town whose history had very much been rooted in a difficult past, either as the last stop town that most notorious cowboys and criminals rode and stopped through while on the way to hide out in the lawless ‘badlands’ where the hanging judge enforced hard law upon them and more specific to this mural the Trail of Tears (the forced removal/relocation of native Americans). I wanted this piece to reference the past whilst having a firm aim on the towns positive future, that is of a foward thinking town using public art to invoke change. It’s not a place you’d happen to find yourself in, but the public art and good people make it a town well worth a visit.” – D*Face


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