After Warhol – Paul Stephenson

After Warhol – Paul Stephenson

Going back to 2010 is when artist, Paul Stephenson, began his journey into the art of Andy Warhol.

After researching the artist, Stephenson came across genuine Warhol acetates that he had used to make his silk screen prints. Recognising designs of Jackie Kennedy, Mao, and a  self-portrait, Stephenson decided to purchase these acetates, leading to the inspiration for creating his new series ‘After Warhol’.

‘After Warhol’ is a posthumous body of work, which sees Stephenson follow the Warhol process of creating the paintings. He uses the same paint, canvas and ink for screen printing, even down to working with with Warhol’s screen printer Alexander Heinrici.

Although Stephenson does not claim these new works to be considered as genuine Warhols, he does use this new series to challenge and debate the idea of authorship.


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