Picture 3 183cm by 122cm, 2008 Picture 4 "How I yearn to throw myself into endless space and float above the awful abyss" Goethe I have been looking at the idea of flight, both real and metaphorical in my work for the past few years. The idea started with my diving girls series, it has developed and grown into thoughts on fleeing, departing and the desire to escape drudgery. The holiday is the most obvious expression of escapism manifests throughout culture in more subtle ways, scientific, technological and commercial. MostĀ of our collective endeavours are a desire to distance ourselves from the lowly animal status of our species here on earth. Hearing about the tower jumpers of the Middle Ages - men dressed in homemade wings throwing themselves of towers in the name of flight research is a classic example of mans inability to accept his circumstances, ie I am a human but I want to fly like a bird too. In my work I want to capture that feeling of abandonment from reality and also underlie some of the dystopian effects that such an approach brings.