Erik Minter

New Jersey-based artist Erik Minter makes paintings that bridge abstraction into a surreal figuration. With a long career working in commercial design, it was natural for him to draw and paint digitally from the start, manipulating photographs from his own physical painting swatches into his digital originals where colours push saturation.


Today, Minter returns to paint and the physical surface allowing him to express an emotion and what he is most curious about in life.

Minter has mastered the ability of blending the definite with the amorphous, the liquid with the solid. This surreal blend of opposing forms often leads to the creation of almost alien shapes, twisting and splattering across the canvas in a manner that is undeniably elegant and often psychedelic.


‘Through my work I’m looking to capture the emotion of an experience,
perhaps that I once had or dreamt.’ – Minter