Florence Blanchard

French painter, Florence Blanchard, is a muralist and screenprinter based in the UK. Her work is directly inspired by her training as a scientist and depicts abstracts molecular landscapes questioning our idea of visual perception. In the early 1990’s Blanchard began writing graffiti under the name Ema. Since then her work has evolved in new directions of abstraction, transforming her letters into shapes, providing a frame for experimentation with composition and colour.


Blanchard spent 10 years studying in New York, where she graduated from New York University with a PHD in 2008. Her background in science has continued to inspire her work.

“During my studies as a scientist I have thoroughly observed nature through powerful microscopic lenses and this experience has permanently affected my perception of the world. The shapes I paint represent imagined molecular landscapes where particles float around fluidly and the viewer is given a microscope to observe the world from a different angle.” – Florence Blanchard, 2017.


Blanchard’s work aims to magnify what the human eye can’t see by creating an imaginary molecular world. Her work questions our idea of visual perception, underpinned by a knowledge that all matter is made of particles. This translates into the geometric shapes that Blanchard chooses to depict in both her mural and canvas pieces.