Ronzo is a London-based artist who’s primarily known for his unique characters and figurative paintings in the street art community as well as in the art scene. Coming from a graffiti background the city landscape has always been a primary source of inspiration. Ronzo always enjoys putting his artwork in public context legally or illegally. Ronzo’s driven artwork and the continuous will to take graffiti another step further has gained him respect within the art underground and allowed him to exhibit his work alongside heavy hitters such as Banksy, D*Face, Eine, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, Adam Neate and many others. Ronzo was also heavily involved in the first ‘Finders Keepers’ free street art exhibition in London, which kick-started the then unknown phenomenon now known as street art in the UK.

Ronzo’s recent body of work is based on visions of an apocalyptic future set in the wastelands of what was once the City of London. The new paintings, collages and drawings examine not only the ruins of the architectural landscape as we know it, but focus on the human aspect of life in a society, the day after. The concept of the show plays with our fears and hopes of an uncertain, not too distant future. It is a post-graffiti future vision of a vandal from a street level perspective. The work is a fusion of the figurative and abstract. Some of the works are three-dimensional mixed-media collages using objects and surfaces taken directly from the street and affixed to the painting itself. “The work aims to stimulate as well as to reflect and sharpen our view of today’s society” – Ronzo


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