‘Simultaneously balancing the serene with the violent, the result is dynamic and a well executed display of visual grammar.’

- G. James Daichendt

Kai and Sunny’s work is rooted in the meticulous precision of their line work, using mediums such as ball point pen or acrylic paint. The lines in their works push and pull each other, as if caught in a state of flux, whilst others are free to flow and exude energy. The creative process is a methodical building of thinintricate lines, structured one on top of the other, working collaboratively, colour by colour.The results show powerful kinetic compositions, while a delicacy and tribute to nature remains. The lines can change the viewer’s perception of the shape, while the foreground and background invite you to float in-between the two.


Their approach to creating is as equally balanced as their artworks. Kai and Sunny both develop ideas together, and figure out how to achieve them through sketching ideas and researching elements. These ideas and sketches are then refined digitally, in a process which often goes back and forth before the final result is painted or drawn into reality.