Kaleidoscope: by Yoon Hyup

10 April - 31 May 2020

He likens this method to a jazz performance, which only has a plan, and plays entirely impromptu.

StolenSpace Gallery is excited to announce ‘KALEIDOSCOPE’, a solo show of new works by the incredible artist Yoon Hyup. Based In New York and born in Seoul, Yoon’s work beautifully encaptures the vivid lights of the bright city landscape, using his abstract painting technique composing of free flowing yet structured lines and dots.


Yoon began painting walls in the early 2000’s, and created live paintings with DJs alongside improvisational music. His spontaneous painting style developed through using lines and dots to create imagery for a fresh, bold impact. His artistic style is also inspired by his skateboarding background, which he particpates and takes influence from still today. His accumlative experiences with music, painting and skating all come together to create his current aesthetic, which is both unique and nostalgic. His Korean roots are respected through his use of Korea’s primary colors (red, yellow, blue, black and white) and cloud patterns which can often be found in his abstract works.

Yoon has noted his diverse range of influences across the arts, including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Futura, DJ Krush, Don Pendleton, Nam June Paik and Ed Templeton. Rhythym and flow can be noted in these influences, and are expressed in Yoon’s artistic work, as well as in his skatebaording. He doesn’t sketch his work out before, rather he uses free-hands to create his canvas and wall paintings. He likens this method to a jazz performance, which only has a plan, but plays entirely impromptu.