I Used To Be Happy: by Ezra Brown

11 October - 20 November 2022



Ezra uses his character ‘Happy the Clown’, as a reflection of himself to portray his message

StolenSpace Gallery is excited to present ‘I Used to be Happy’, a solo exhibition by the artist Ezra Brown.


In this exhibit, Ezra has painted his many experiences, emotions, and feelings onto canvas, and explored them using his character ‘Happy the Clown’, as a reflection of himself to portray his message. His character, ‘Happy’, is often portrayed as the opposite of his name in Ezra’s work, as his image is instead used as a way to cope with events in the world around us today. Ezra encourages the viewer to use his work as a device to tap into their own feelings, and connect on an emotional level.


“My creative process is really simple, I feel something sad and I paint and vice versa. Creative ideas usually come from personal emotions. So in reality I’m sharing my feelings with the viewer through my paintings. It’s sort of a visual diary of my personal thoughts.’ - Ezra Brown. 


Ezra Brown is currently based in San Diego, California, where he mainly creates works with acrylics on canvas, as well as some occasional woodworking. He was inspired by his father, also an artist, and felt encouraged to pursue his own artistic career as he studied at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. He hopes to inspire all generations with his art, which he creates from his personal encounters and struggles, encouraging the viewer to relate to these shared experiences.