Portraying Portraiture: Group Show

9 - 23 December 2022

Exhibiting work by Geoffrey Bouillot, Ricardo Cavolo, Alex Chappell, Fragile, Paul Stephenson and Classic Vandal.


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StolenSpace Gallery is pleased to present 'Portraying Portraiture', a group exhibition that explores portriature through a variety of styles by six contemporary artists.


Portraits have long had histoprical, social and political  importance. Before photography, a portrait was the only way to record the appearance of somebody. The essence of a portrait has progressed, broadening the definition of what a portrait may be to the contemporary eye.


Different materials and mediums are explored by each artist, as they create what they have interpreted to constitute a portrait in the modern age. We celebrate all forms of portraiture expressed in this group exhibition, as we highlight artworks that push and play with it's very definition.